Friday, October 9, 2009

My Oldest...back then

Hard to believe this kid is gonna be 21 years old in less then 2 months!
He never did trade in that toy hammer for a real one...Oh well...
hhhmmm...I wonder what ever happened to that Two Cam behind him...


  1. Nice piture of your son there, and some interesting engines too. What is that one in the middle?
    See there is a Simms 4 cyl mag there too, did that belong to a Henderson or ACE?


  2. Sverre, This pic was taken at a friends garage. He had Hendersons and Ace's over the years. So I am not sure. Not sure about that middle motor either. He was always into older stuff then I was.

  3. Thanks for reply,
    Ok the mag could have been for either the Henderson or ACE as both where set up with Simms for some years.
    Find your blog interesting, always inspiring to see what other do to and with their bikes.