Monday, January 2, 2012

41 FLTT Electrics and Stuff

 Harness loom before and after
 Surplus gen post/terminal post nuts-same part number but one bag contained brass and the other not
 Found this NOS spiral mixed in with other stuff
 Loom with clip installed
 NOS Plug wire kit
 Cool on of switch I found in a drawer
 Push - Pull switch
Installed in the choke lever hole in the motor mount (not usin' the lever anyway)

Well that "New Year's Resolution" stuff really works! I got out in the garage and started chippin' away at the 41 FLTT. I began to tackle what little wiring it will have. I have a bunch of NOS wire loom but its dirty and faded. I found that if I wipe it down and spray it with polyurethane it comes right up and looks new again. (see top pic and bottom pic). I dug around in some NOS military stuff and came up with some small stuff that's nice to have...screws, nuts, wires. (found an NOS
I was back and forth on what type of ON/OFF switch to use since I am going with no lighting or dash. I was messing with a few ideas when I popped this little Push/ Pull switch out of a box of H-D brake light switches. It had a bracket attached and was a dark Indian Red (maroon really). I'm not sure what it came off of. I removed the bracket and checked out the bike to see where I could tuck it away...Then it hit me...perfect! The unused choke lever hole in the motor mount. I had to open up the hole just a hair and it slid right in. I gave it a quick Parkerize job. I'm going ad the plug wire clip and it will be perfect.
That's enough "Resolution" for today...

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