Friday, January 6, 2012

Flat Track Racing Weedsport NY 2006 - Revisited

 Me on 33 (38WLDR)

 Frank and the Board Track Boys
 Franky Baby!
 Marv's WR
 Motorcycle Mike's Excelsior
 Marv working on his WR
 John's doomed Brand X
Board Trackers and home made shade

I found a pack of pictures from the Weedsport NY  Vintage Races from 2006. This race was put on by Frank Westfall. What a great time! Since Frank was in charge it was "track at will" for practice. The track was clay and sticky. My buddy Russ Paradise (RIP) warned me not to put my foot down on that sticky clay...I did, it grabbed and twisted my knee in a direction it didn't like...of course I kept racing for the rest of the day. I limped for a couple of weeks after that but it was worth it! Old 33 with Charlie Jacob's ice racing motor preformed flawlessly once again.
We had a great combination of board track era through tank shift era bikes racing on the track. Henderson, Excelsior, Indian, Harley, etc. It was broiling hot that June day and shade was scarce in the pits but it didn't seem to matter...the EMT's even got a work out that day due to Indian (Brand X) failure and the resulting tumble into the wall...everyone ended up just fine except for the Indian ...pretty twisted.
This was the first and last for me at Weedsport...I would love to see Frank bring it back!

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