Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indian Riders of Foreign Lands 1932

I was digging around in the Larry Franz Sr. literature pile again. This is from a 1932 Indian News.

Tech Note:
Hopefully you have set up your blogger to get rid of the Lightbox viewing format which recently reared it's ugly head. You can find out how to get rid of it and actually enjoy the pictures again thanks to Chris K. at MC ART here
Thanks again Chris!


  1. Hey Jeff, this was very interesting. Am I right if the Norwegian guy is actually riding an OHV converted Scout??
    It sure looks like that to me, if so just the thought is exciting.

    Will try to find in my files whom this gentleman might have been, tough I`m quite sure it`s Jack Hansen if guessing. Is this single page all you`ve got from the magazine, no names mentioned, what you think, is this an OHV?


  2. Sverre, I new you would like that one! I blew up the picture and it sure does look like an OHV to me. I will check the magazine for any reference to the rider.

  3. Jeff, sure did I get excited. It`s like this, all the time I get to learn what interesting machines our since long passed race heroes where playing with, one can just wonder how they afforded getting them from the US.
    I will make a post on this where I will fill inn with some more Info on Jac (Jacob) Hansen, based on the Indian News page. If you should find any name connected to the pic let me know.