Sunday, January 15, 2012

The 41 FLTT Lives!!!!!

And Hell Yeah! I had to get into every picture!

Well's been on the side burner for 15 years. I would do a little here, a little there, but today all those little bits added up and boom! It's runnin'! I mean it started right up. Nothin's leakin', nothin' caught fire, nothin' fell off on the maiden voyage...fuckin' great!
Those of you that follow this worthless blog have no doubt watched this thing come and go on postings. Probably thought it would never get done.
I want to thank Gareth from for giving me that final kick in the ass yesterday...thanks for the push, and yes I did have my son video the entire start up and first ride. I just need to figure out how to post it!!! (Techno Peasant that I am).
Oh and for the record it was 18 degrees out today. My son was freezing his ass off in his winter coat with the camera. He said, "Aren't you cold?" I said "Fuck No! I just fired up another Knucklehead boy!"


  1. I dont know whats more impressive, the knuck? or wearing a t-shirt in 18 degrees haha. Nice work Jeff!

  2. Very cool, beautiful, well-done, congrats....

  3. congratulations, you are the number 1 !

  4. Well done Jeff... looks fantastic.

    Another worthy addition to the stable!

  5. I've followed your build like probably a lot of others and just wanted to congratulate you on a an incredibly beautiful and f'ing tuff Knucklehead! Thanks for posting along the way during your build...FANTASTIC...and thank you.

    Jim Franco
    Juneau, Alaska

  6. Your Welcome...Thanks for checking it out!