Monday, January 9, 2012

41 FLTT Wiring Done and Fitting the Tanks

 ON/OFF Switch mounted and wired in

 ON/OFF switch tucked neatly under the tanks

 The minimal wiring is complete

Fitting the tanks

I finished up the wiring and permanently mounted my nifty little ON/OFF switch. I wired this bike up with no lights, etc. just power to the coil and charging for the battery. Set up for TT (but without a mag). I know after I get it running and bring it out to a couple of meets I'll be back in the shop rewiring and adding lights so it's roadable.
I need to finish fitting the tanks, install the fuel shut off, trim the advance/retard cable and hook it up, grips, seat, etc ... I'm a few hours away from getting this thing fired up...

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  1. Exciting stuff! ( you need to put a like video of the Bike fired up ) can't wait to see it finished.