Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Ridin' on the 52 Servi-Car Today

My riding partner

First snow in this part of PA since Halloween! Had to dig out the 52 Servi-car and hit the road. Hell, I even found a riding partner as wacko as I am...maybe more...I wouldn't trust my riding if it wasn't me doin' it...huh? Never mind. Nice ride to the tavern for lunch and beers...


  1. At first it sounds like fun but, then seeing oncoming traffic and how that front wheel has to go down the snowy icy center of the lane... If you posted it, then you made it home ok. Be safe out there dude.

  2. Appreciate the concern Chris...been riding this Servi-car in the snow for 27 years. That icy center does make it a bit dicey. I prefer a solid pack on the whole road...hey "Go Fast and Take Chances"...