Saturday, January 14, 2012

Much progress...41 FLTT Style

 Washing the tanks in the kitchen sink

 Clean and shinny

Re- Running the cables...dusty chassis

 Trimmed and connected the timer cable

 Adjusted bars, risers, cables run neatly through fork

 Yikes! What happened?

 Another NOS part is installed

 Nothing like NOS!

 No room for the lever when using the 20 Flanders risers and bars

Sooooo close!

It was one hell of a good work day on the 41 FLTT.
First, I had to wash the gas tanks. I had them stashed in my bedroom so they wouldn't get fucked up. Well, a year and a half of dust and hair spray (Kelly) made for a sticky mess! Hot soapy water and a microfiber towel made things right. The rest of the bike needs the same treatment!
Then it was running the throttle and timer cables properly. This took a bit of doing but they worked out nice. I dug up an NOS steering damper and had to take the front wheel off to install it. The bars are low with those 20 Flanders Risers so the lever for the damper wouldn't fit under them. I adjusted it to my liking and tightened everything up without the lever ( my Hillclimber is the same way). I got the bars where I like 'em and tightened all that up. Next was the fuel shut off and then mounting the tanks (for good...I hope). Gas lines installed and tight. Shifter linkage installed and adjusted ...hhhmmmm what's left....the seat, the grips, oil, gas and a battery...
Tomorrow should be the day!


  1. I've watched you piece that bike together over the last couple of years ... Tomorrow's the big day ... Video please! ( have I told you I think you're an utter bastard - jealousy talking !! ) Another fine machine added to your stable - Congratulations!