Thursday, May 24, 2012

46 Knuckle Maintenance - Completed!

Pulled a nice star hub outta the pile of stuff I just got...time to see if it's true

Very technical wheel truing system or how to true a wheel with two cinder blocks a brick and a rock...Bronson would be proud!

Gut Check...Looks sweet! Yeah that's blood...punctured my thumb in the process...

All the innards looking good...

Tire time with my favorite tool again...

Complete and suitable for mounting...

It's not the bald Grasshopper but it looks pretty good...

Dust rings and rivets are over rated...nothing like a welded sprocket for burn outs!

All together and ready for start up...

Got to burn those tits off the new tire somehow...She's still got it!

I got off my ass and finished up the maintenance on my '46 FL yesterday (see previous posts). I replaced the fucked back wheel and tire, installed new(er) brake shoes. replaced a clevis pin and adjusted everything up. Battery, gas and a touch of oil and she popped right off as usual! I topped it off with a 30 foot burn out to get everything seated properly and it was off to the tavern with an ominous sky and thunder booming all around...never did rain...


  1. That bike is bad ass,really cool. Loved the wheel truing stand :-)

    Norway face the best summer weather ever at the time beeing, I`m stuck offshore :-((((


  2. Thanks Sverre, I like the progress you are making on that Pan! Get back to shore soon!

  3. Jeff, thanks for kind words on my Pan, I would have had the engine installed if I didnt make a small fuck up in the assembling process (couldnt blame anyone else than me) and hence need to wait for weeks to get a new part, small and cheap still got to be there :-(
    That Firestone tire u`re usin, is that one from Cooker or where to get a pair of those?
    What you pay for two of those at your side of the pound?
    I have to change tires as well as getting some maintanace done to my WL bob job when back shore as it will soon be heading south towards the Linkert attacks in France. Good to know Øyunn comes along riding her Bemeer, she will carry everything else than the be-cool factor :-)

    Kind regards

  4. Sverre, I got them from Coker at Oley...they really increased in price. The last ones I bougt were $95.00 each these were $140 each!!!! They blame the price of oil...I can vouch for the fact that they work good in the rain!