Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lost Love...The Day After Party (from February)

Keepin' the fire goin'

Rick...Have Motor Will Travel

Love Mobile

You'll see...

Four Monkeys Fuckin' a Football

And there you have it...I real Upside down Indian Four!

Some blurry shots of Max welding Jeremiah's Sissy Bar

A little of this...a little of that...

 Other side...

It was a chilly night by Phoenix standards

Ricks Bob Job Knuckle

 I found some lost pics of my weekend at the Love Cycles party in Phoenix back in February. A bunch of us ended up at a great BBQ outside of town on Super Bowl Sunday. Ate, drank and messed with motorcycle stuff. A truly great time!
Thanks Mike! Thanks Jeremiah! Great to see Max, Dave, Rick, Tom and everyone else...great memories from that trip!


  1. glad to see you all having fun at mikes place. mike is a fantastic friend.

  2. Yes he is...too bad you couldn't make it over.