Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gene Baron's Flexi Side Car - Empire Meet 1984

Gene's FLXI rig with my 47 FL in the background


Gene Baron (RIP) was an H-D dealer from NY and racer from the old days. He used to come to all the AMCA Meets with the coolest bikes. The year was 1984, the place was The Electric City Riders Club Grounds in Schenectady NY, the event was the AMCA Empire Chapter National Meet. I had just turned 21 that summer and had my first Knuckle completed and rode up to the meet from Jersey. I had bought the motor from Marty in March of '83 and then the frame at this meet in August '83 and put the whole bike together in just a few months so at 20 years old I was cruising on that all white '47 it didn't get any better!
Well like I said, I rode up to the meet in '84 and saw Gene Baron racing this FLXI rig around the track. I said fuck it and took my newly built/restored knuckle out there too...what fun! First time on a track...
Gene ended up crashing the FLXI that weekend on the track (I think I have a picture of it smashed up somewhere)....Good Times!!!

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