Monday, May 21, 2012

South Philly - Ride to Skate 2012

Out in front of my son "Two of Four's" place down in South Philly

Breakfast with my kid at the Broad Street Diner

'45' motor in a Big Twin frame and rigged to a Big Twin trans

Dan's Pan

Brian (Hated of the World)'s Love Machine with a Max Schaaf paint job


Dave won a survivor...him or the bike?

Really sweet Knuckle

Red Bull girls got swamped...I stuck with the PBR

Dave giving our host a ride around the park

Nick's Flatty

After four days in rural North Carolina I figured Sunday it was time for something completely different. I fired up the '47 Knuckle Bob Job in the morning and headed down to South Philly to have breakfast with my middle boy Jesse and hit the Ride to Skate party down in FDR Park. The trip down was nice, the weather was great and (growing up in North Jersey) the traffic and city roads were like an old friend. I spend most of my riding these days out in the country since I moved outta Jersey. I miss jammin' crazy through traffic and "showing the squares some class". 
I arrived at the FDR Skate Park at about 10:30 AM and the place was starting to fill up. I figured I would stay for an hour and head back up north...I stayed all day! By noon it was wall to wall choppers. It was a great event. Bikes, beer, dirt, grime, graffiti and even knife throwing for the kids. The Red Bull girls even showed up. I met some good people and saw some old time friends too. There were so many young kids on old bikes it was weird but super cool. I'm starting to get used to sneakers, sleeves and flannels. Up until about 10 years ago I was the youngest guy around this stuff. It's great to see new faces on old Shovels, Knuckles, Pans, Sportsters and British bikes. 
This show was a blast. If you're anywhere near Philly for the next one come down and check it out!