Monday, May 28, 2012

Matt and Billy's

Heading out... between thunder storms...or so I thought...

I keep screwing up and taking pics of myself (or the sky) by mistake...This one was while I was riding seconds before the sky opened up. I was gonna take a shot of the road up ahead but the damn thing went off prematurely...I hate that...

Made it to Matt and Billy's new shop

One side of the shop

This kid was by far the best griller I have seen...what great food!!!

Ribs baby!

Billy's chopped ??? he rode this beauty across the country by himself a couple years ago

Eric's pan Bob Job

Al's '40

Kenny's Servi-Car

John's '72

Jason's Chief 

Marty's 50 FLTT


Matt installing "Fuel Injection" into the watermelon...

A true Craftsman...

and there you have it! 

Captain Cal and father Joe

Ready for the ride back to PA...

I got a call from Matt and then from Billy to invite me to a party at their new shop. I said Hell Yeah! These two "kids" in their late 20's really know how to get it done. They work with Marty (the master builder, welder, mechanic, magician) learning the trade. They recently opened up their own shop in Jersey and are going at it "Hammer and Tongs" (as my mother used to say).
Sunday morning the weather was shit at my house...thunder, lightening, rain pouring down...I called Matt to make sure the party was still on. He said the weather was great over in Jersey and all was a go. Around 11 AM the rain took a break so I pulled the (now well maintained) '46 Bob Job out and headed for Jersey. I got a bout 2 miles and the sky opened up!!! It was some of the worst rain I have ever ridden in...and I have ridden in more rain then most it seems...the roads were flooded and it was coming down hard. Thank God I had a pair of goggles in my pocket, without those I couldn't see shit. I said fuck it and just kept riding east. The rain lasted for about 25 miles and then things started to clear up. I got to Matt and Billy's and it hadn't rained a drop there. I laid all my soaked stuff out to dry in the sun  (my leather is still damp)  and grabbed a beer and had a look around...nice! The location was great...well off the road and secluded. We all ended up going out for a ride with Matt in the lead. It was "more of a race then a ride" I heard someone say when we got back. I'm sure the scenery was nice at a different rate of speed, but it was my kinda ride and we all had a great time. 
The BBQ's were cookin' and there was no shortage of beer and about anything else you desired. They really did it up right. The kid they had cooking was amazing with the ribs and chicken. They also put together some field games... slow race, planks, tire toss...I did my best to ride around interfering with all of it just for fun....there's probably some video somewhere...
I have to say the place they have is fantastic and their landlord and neighbors (all of whom were at the party) were great sports and couldn't be happier with the boys setting up shop there.
All I can say is thanks to Matt and Billy for a great party and good luck with the shop!


  1. Looks like my kind of afternoon... what a great selection of bikes. Got any close ups of Marty's Pan?

  2. Hey Guy, Check out my post from October 2, 2011. I did a "Feature" on Marty's TT Pan.

  3. How did I miss that? Super cool... love that bike.