Sunday, May 20, 2012

Denton 2012 - Part 1

Farm Park Equipment...

Fancy Pan...

The "Dirty Nine" posing behind Aunt Bee's Studebaker Daytona

Lonnie's One of a Kind Pan with Extra large Fuel Tanks and 6 Quart Oil Tank!

This bike has too much trick shit done by the previous owner. It was last updated in about 1963

6 Quarts

I love the Orange and Black!

Matt's Enduro Knuckle. Modified Top Clamp (Sorry Billy!)

Matt added lights for road use

Mine and Matt's Knuckles at the Museum / Diner in Asheboro

50 Pan

Some of the bikes outside at breakfast

Two restored Knuckles outside the museum

More bikes outside

Red's Pan he rode up from Florida. This pan has seem every continental US State twice

A '45' back at the meet


Cool Air Stream

Rick Allen's '39 UL

"Tower Dave"

The best invention known to me...a Magnetic Beer Cozy!!!

This came in handy...



Goulding Side Car

Another One of a Kind bike...

Check the shifter through the tank set up!!!!


More Coolness...


1906 H-D Motor in a home made Plumber's Dream

Matt's '38...what a nice machine...

Rocky's Indian that he rode in on...(on the left)

The Buzz Kanter "Kick Start Ride" crew arrived Friday from Maggie Valley

A '58 Chevy in the field

Shovel Powered Home Made and Engineered Morgan Look Alike...

Dual Carb Pan

Matt Walksler's U

Dale's U...

Pete Hill's Dual Carb / Aluminum Cylinder Knuckle...Unreal!!!

I love the carb angle 

Up close with Pete Hill's Knuckle

Dig those tanks!

Pete's wife painted this auxiliary fuel tank in 1970...

Up close with auxiliary fuel tank. What a great job his wife did on that paint. It held up pretty good for 42 years old....

Well the AMCA Meet in Denton NC was a blast again this year. I have been to all three and would not miss it! If you've never been there put in on your calendar. It's a beautiful 537 mile ride for me through PA, Maryland, West VA, VA and into NC. I take Rt 81 to 220. I do it in 8 1/2 hours. The grounds of the Denton Farm Park are absolutely beautiful with interesting machinery and stuff all over the place.
I arrived Wednesday afternoon and found "Tower Dave", Art and company camped out on the hill since Monday! They had a great set up and spent a couple of days riding Panheads through the country prior to the meet. Dave is a gracious host and cooks a mean steak on the grill. Thanks for your hospitality Dave!
Vendors arrived through the night and all day Thursday and Friday. I picked up a few cool parts and I saw people all over carrying stuff back and fourth.
Thursday morning a group of us rode the 15 miles to Rick Allen's H-D Museum and Diner for breakfast. I took the Dirty Nine out into the passing lane and broke away from the group (I don't play well with others on the rode) when we arrived at the diner Dave mentioned something about never having to worry about his bike rusting after I passed him...the museum is fantastic and I even got to try Grits for the first time (I don't see what all the fuss is about).
Matt (on the Enduro Knuckle) and I (on the Dirty Nine) rode back to the meet cranking the bikes up on Rt 49 to 75 MPH for the ride back. Which seems amazing to some when they look at my bike. I met a bunch of great people this year, one of which was Pete Hill the Knucklehead drag race king. We talked for a while as I checked out his machine. Pete participated in the Kick Start Ride from Maggie Valley Wheels Through Time. It was an honor to meet and talk to Pete.
Sadly I headed for home Saturday morning and the meet was still in full swing. Until next year...
Oh yeah this is part 1...I have more pics to post soon...I also made it to the "Ride to Skate" in South Philly  today. I'll post those pics soon also...another great time!!!!