Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wauseon 2012 - Part Five - Some of the Bikes

Scott's 1946 Knuckle Hydra

A random Pan

A display of  Dave Sarafan's reproduction racing parts

Another cool random Pan

I could feel the love coming off this WR

Sweet Piece!

A little extra fuel doesn't hurt...

Sportster Dragster

Side Note: The only Sportster I ever owned was a Sand Dragster with an orange frame...oh and a 45 Magnum which is now at Wheels Through Time (but that doesn't count)...

Had to get one more...

Line up at Carl Olsen's spot

There were a multitude of cool old bikes at Wauseon. Again, I did not do them justice with my photos. I captured a few on the cell phone. Of particular interest is Scott's '46 Knuckle Hydra. I met Scott at Denton NC this year. We hung out and with Matt McManus (on his Knuck Enduro) went for a ride into town on three old crusty Knuckles. Matt came to the realization that the three of us each have a Hydra-Knuckle. I haven't had mine out in a couple of years but I would love to get the three of them together for a ride at Denton next year. I realized I didn't get even one picture of Scott's Knuckle at that meet. Well I was glad to capture a few at Wauseon. 
The WR you see above had all the cool shit, man what a bike...I should have spent more time with it but there was soooo much to see out there.
I usually dump my load of pics in one or two posts but I figured I'd categorize them and just oooooze them out....
More pictures to come....

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