Friday, July 6, 2012

WLDR Racer Maintenance...

Decided to change up my gearing on the old "Charlie Jacob" WLDR this year...Drop a tooth off the motor sprocket, simple and usual these simple tasks evolve into much more extensive teardowns and just plain work! So off came the clutch and out came the trans...Good thing this is what I do for fun!
Above are some (somewhat blurred) cell phone pictures...


  1. Does this mean I'll be see you at Wauseon?

    (I'll get the beverages ready )

  2. Jeff, good to see your keeping yourself busy, no resting hands with an old hog :-)

    Wished you had been a part of the trip down to France, you would have loved the area, the meet, the party, all them Knuckles, everything.
    My WL did 1700km`s, only ruined the generator else the engine purred like a cat (still I missed them OHV hp`s), went back home on a lent french repop generator, mine is now in the post heading for Norway.
    Wish you all the best, drive as always!

    Sverre & Øyunn

  3. Sverre, Yeah I am keeping plenty busy...I would have loved to have taken that trip! I followed your blog as you made your way there and back. It looked great!

  4. Jeff, thanks for your feedback. My desire for a Knuck is even bigger now.