Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wauseon 2012 - Part Four - SEXI FLXI's

Gene Baron's Old FLXI from NY Now owned by Mike Lange

Another of Gene Baron's old Two Cams

Mike Lange working on the primary chain

 Picture of Gene Baron's FLXI and my White Knuckle 1984

Gene Baron's FLXI 1984 Upstate NY

Three FLXI's showed up to race at Wauseon this year. One form Mike Lange, one from Walksler's and I'm not sure who owned the Indian. Mike Lang's was previously owned by Gene Baron from Long Island NY.
 The last time I saw that sidecar rig was in the summer of 1984 at the Electric City Riders AMCA meet in Upstate NY. Gene and I were racing around the track (me on my White Knuckle) see the two picture's above. 
Interesting side note: Mike Lange told me that Gene wanted his name off the sidecar when he sold it to Mike. Mike, of course, wanted to keep Gene's name on the bike. The only way Gene would eventually agree to keep his name on the sidecar was when Mike told him he would put the original owner, Ralph Kelly and Mike Lange on as well and in the order in which they owned the FLXI.
That FLXI is great and brought back fond memories. If only I had my White Knuckle done in time I could have reenacted the old photo... 
More Wauseon pictures to come.

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