Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wauseon 2012 - Part Seven - Dave's Fillin' Station

One Cool Old Clock

Lonnie's, Stanley's, mine and Dave's bikes at the pumps... 

Stanley's 36 EL

Lonnie's Pan

The Watchman...

Another shot of Stanley's Knuckle

Lookin' out the front door...time warp...

One highlight of the Wauseon trip was a ride "Tower Dave" took us on. Me , Dave, Lonnie, Stanley and a guy on a Triumph who's name escapes me, headed out to an undisclosed location. On the way, we stopped at Dave's Fillin' Station. It is a true Blast Outta the Past! Dave gave me all the particulars on when it was built and added to and all, but I was a bit foggy and didn't retain all the facts (early 1930's?). All I know for sure  is that it's a beauty! Old pumps and all kinds of cool memorabilia inside and out. While we were relaxing and taking in the ambiance a group of old bikes from the meet pulled in. We all hung out for a while shootin' the shit and havin' a beer. Those guys took off and we headed toward our destination. On the way back to the meet later that evening we tried to out fox the various rain storms brewing in the sky above us but we ended up gettin' friggin' soaked....Great times!
I think there are a few more pictures left to post....


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    Just like our other current welfare programs, it states that you (Jeff) must find the secret top clamp and then simply send it over to the west to me (Billy) free of charge. What a great deal for me! Too bad you hold all the cards. This Bill falls under the Making Harley's Affordable Program. Who would have thought?? :)

  2. Billy, Have your accountant call my lawyer and we'll see if you is also referred to as plan 56166-49...