Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wauseon - Part Three - A Little Swap Meet Action

Scott's and my '46 Knuckles 

The swap meet was great and I did not do it justice by taking a lot of parts pictures. I actually forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone exclusively. I also only bought one part...a cut and welded rear fender...too busy socializin' I guess.
More Pictures to come....


  1. Scott & Your Bike - what did we say? "Cool & Cooler!" Great to meet you !!!

    ( I'm back home in Bangkok ... )

  2. Yeah Man...It was a pleasure to hang out with you Gareth. I need to make it over to your end of the world some time!

  3. Yeah man...almost bought it...I have a 49 frame like it that was used on a Drag Bike.

  4. Do you have any more photos of Scott's bike? Thanks, Roger

  5. Yes Roger I do. They will be in the next installment...which will be part Five...tomorrow.