Saturday, September 1, 2012

47 FL - A couple More From Early '84

Found these two pictures from the 47's original build in the winter of '83-'84. Quick refresher (for me)...Bought just the motor from Marty when I returned from Daytona in March of '83, I was 19 years old. It was totally chromed...cases, cylinders, heads, everything and half apart needing a total stripping and rebuild. I spent the spring/summer chasing down all the other parts and getting the motor stripped and built, body work, paint, etc. Motorcycle Mike and I worked on the sheet metal and paint (mostly him, I suck at it). These two pics were taken in my bedroom at my dad's house in Jersey and are dated March 1984 on the back, so that's when I had them developed. Based on that, and the infrequency that I took pictures at the time, I would guess that these were taken in January maybe February '84. I remember it was cold out when we painted it at Mike's place. I had the Knuckle up and running and was riding this it all over New Jersey and New York State in the spring of '84.
Redoing this bike to it's original form is really bringing me back. Especially when I find pictures like this of me doing the exact same things to the same bike as I did 29 years ago...

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