Thursday, September 13, 2012

T.R.O.G. - Updated Info

Meldon V. R. Stultz.
Oilers C.C. president.
 Friday night the 19th will be a pre-party on the beach in Allenhurst for entrants and spectators coming in early for the race on the 20th.   Pre party starts at 8pm, with an instrumental 50's surf band and a bon fire on the beach in front of Allenhurst's private beach club, Oct 19th. 
  The exhibition race will run on the 20th, and start at 10 am.  We will race pre and post war hand shift only motorcycles and only pre-war autos.
  On the weekend of October 20th, the water recedes to its lowest point of the year; dead low will be at high noon.  I am putting this show on with the permission of both the mayors of Allenhurst, and the bordering town of Loch Arbor, in Monmouth County, NJ.  We will race from the North side of the Allenhurst jetty, south towards the Loch Arbor jetty.  The summer season has come to a close and we will be preparing the beach for our big day.  This will be our 1st event on the beach, but certainly not our last.  The mayors and I wish to make this an annual event. 
This exhibition race will be called by a NHRA and ESPN announcer. All autos will race autos, four banger against four banger, flathead V8, vs. flathead V8.  Mostly, Model T's and A's, and a few 32 and 34 Fords.  All traditionally built and reviewed by me for the race. We do also have an original SCTA P-38 belly tank that will run as well.  Motorcycles will also run by year and cubic inch.
  There will also be a car/bike show up on the street and in the beach parking lots.
 All entries must pre-register with me at the email address.  We are asking for a digital picture, specs on the bike/autos, and driver/owners full name for review.
 While this is our 1st beach race, it is far from our 1st event.  I have run many car/bike shows, and curated antique drag racing at Englishtown Raceway Park in the past.  We hope to build this show into a very special event for the East Coast and hope to get as much involvement with the AMCA and AACA as possible. We wish this to be an Antique style event, not a modern day street rod or bike show.
  I belong to a car club called the Oilers, established in late 1946, early 1947.  The club was founded by Jim Nelson of the famed company Dragmaster which put the first production dragster frame in the hands of the public to race at drag strips in their own backyards.  Jim also worked hand in hand with Mr. Wally Parks and worked with the San Diego Timing Association, the SCTA, and the NHRA.   Unfortunately we lost Jim last year.   I am carrying out the tradition of the Oilers and curating old time race events.  We would love to have any participation from the chapters we could, and would love to get the word out to our members.  I have been able to tell some local AMCA members, but hope that you can help me pass the word.

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