Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back on the Buick...

Still can't get this thing to stop overheating! Changed the thermostat, pulled the radiator and had it done, flushed the engine, the water pump is pumping. The only thing left is to pop out the freeze out plugs and clean out the water jackets... passages whatever...I read that on a Buick site...did not sound like fun!
Otherwise the car rides and runs great...Damn it!
I should stick to motorcycles!


  1. As someone who is equally obsessed with 40'/50's bikes and cars I have had those same thoughts many times believe me. It's all a labour of love!
    On that nail head getting hot, could be worth testing the water for combustion gases with one of those leak detector kits just in case the head gasket failing.
    Good luck!

  2. Was the rad re-cored or just flushed?

  3. Not re-cored. But flushed and flow tested...

  4. You've probably already checked, but make sure the lower rad hose is not closing up. I've seen the internal springs rust away, allowing the hose to be sucked close when the rpm's increase.