Wednesday, September 12, 2012

47 FL Transformation - Arcing the Shoes

Takin' down the high stuff

Fine finishing on the patio block...

Arced, Fitted and Ready

These brakes may actually work!

I had some relined brake shoes with nice aggressive material (copper impregnated I think). I don't know where I got 'em but I've had a pile of 'em for over 20 years. They are different types and sizes. I found a set to use on the knuckle but they wouldn't fit in the drum. I had to hit 'em with the grinder and arc 'em.
The process I used was as follows (if anyone cares):
1. Put the shoes on the backing plate all set and ready to install and find they don't fit...get pissed off...
2. Take it all apart and lay each shoe in the drum (my drum was cut so I knew it was round). Check by eye to see how it lays. It was obvious on mine that the two ends of the linings were touching the drum surface and not the middle (in need of Arcing). I used a feeler gauge (actually the flat end of a nylon wire tie) to run between the lining and the drum face to get an idea of where to start grinding. 
3. Grind both ends a little at a time and keep rechecking the fit by rubbing the shoe inside the drum and looking for the shiny spots (high spots) on the lining where it rubs the drum surface. Very technical! Do this as evenly as possible across the face of the lining.
4. Once I was close, I faced them by rubbing them evenly on my patio block (also my tool for clutch linings) a little at a time with several rechecks in the drum (rubbing and sanding the shiny spots). This got them evenly faced and finished them nicely. 
5. Put them back together on the backing plate and they were still a bit snug...Remove from drum, and disassemble...
6. Repeat step 4 until they fit 

I am quite positive there is a more professional way to do this but fuck it...this works for me.

Oh probably do not want to breath in the brake dust...


  1. Thank you. I may now get my back brake to actually slow the bike down slightly...

  2. My drums and brake shoes are on the way, call me when you've finished them.

  3. I bet the old working brake lining material is partly a load of real asbestos, a great material for many a use, now unfortunately obsolete.

    I like how you got the shoes to fit properly, will remember when needed.