Friday, December 7, 2012

47 FL - Having a Fit....

I decided to tackle installing the tanks on the 47 FL today. Fitting the tanks with the dash, cables, wiring harnesses, etc. is always a pleasure...Sometimes it all clicks...this is not one of those times. It looks like I'll have to do some creative spacing to get everything right....

Frustration setting in...time to walk away for awhile...


  1. Hi Jeff. Great to see this bike in a Mint state! I have a few extra dollars....keep me in mind for my illusive part while on your swap meet ventures. Happy Holidays! Billy

  2. Happy Holidays to you too Billy good to hear from you! I will keep you in mind for that part...

  3. Hey man,

    What type of white did you go for? Is it Birch White? Thinking of painting my 45 white and was wondering what you thought was the best type/color etc? (I know nothing about paint!)

    Thanks so much!

    PS a friend just bought roller issue 5 back from japan - blew my mind!

  4. Milo, I did not use a Harley color. I went with white/white. I'll have to ask Mark the painter what he used.

  5. Don't go out your way - I ordered some birch white, it's the same they used for the police bikes. Will post some photos on 45chop.

    Happy Christmas!