Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Story...Christmases Past

Merry Christmas Eve....


  1. Wonder how many more websites and blogs those photos will end up on? Ha!

    Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year Jeff... hope to see you again in '13. Guy

  2. Have a great one Guy! Let me know if your coming over 2013!

  3. If your aim was to make drool and green with envy, well done.

  4. Good god Jeff,that is how I dream it'll look under my tree tomorrow morning. Have a good holiday man.

  5. Jeff, time is for sure flying.
    Thanks a lot for your message at my blog.

    I wish you too and all yours a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I recon you will spend the evening at your place?

    Myself I`m offshore, its quiet and that is good. I checked my schedule for 2013 and beleive it or not it crash with all major AMCA events in 2013, rats, rats and double rats.

    Maybe we should try to get your ol self the other way??
    It will be Linkert in UK for sure in June.

    Again take care we, are many that have become addicted to the Knucklebuster1939 blog you know.

    Sverre & Øyunn (talked to her on the phone a few minutes ago)

  6. only ? i think you can do better ;)
    but leaves something to other

    best wishes and congratulations for the nice post

  7. Imagine stubbing your toe on one of those Fückers?