Sunday, December 2, 2012

Got Tanked...

I set forth today on getting the '47 tanks aligned, trimmed up and ready for install. I found a nice set of original emblems that someone, in years past, had painted the lettering and "speed ball" black instead of red. They work perfect for the paint scheme on this machine. I used the shift gate and shifter that were on the red and white tanks but I changed out the red dice shift knob for this black one. I'm not sure what it's off of, but it looks good and it is black. I think these tanks look great. Now to get the gas shut off stuff installed...


  1. I need to align a set of tanks for my panhead too. Where can I get one of those tools? Is there a way to get around using one?

  2. I borrowed one from a friend...broke it...fixed it and bought him a new one and kept his...It's easier if you just buy one to start off...If you're just gonna do it once try to borrow one.
    There is a quick and dirty way to do it with the bike together that I will post later today.