Monday, December 17, 2012

ROLLER MAG (Japan)...Issue 4

Roller rolled in today from Ken Nagahara....

Where else do you see stuff like this in a mag?

Beautiful 37...

Sweet Knuckle...

Max and "The Black Panther"...

Flander's Bandana inside the Magazine!

How did they know?

Ken Nagahara was nice enough to send me a copy of Roller magazine issue 4. Issue 5 is out but I haven't got a copy yet.
I have never seen this magazine before and I have to tell you... it is a quality publication! The content is great, the paper quality is top-notch, the look and photography are stunning, not to mention it's 160 friggin' pages! I can't understand a word of it because it's all in Japanese but, what the fuck, I only look at the pictures anyway...
As a bonus, tucked between the pages was a bandana featuring various types of Flander's risers and clamps...pretty cool...
Thanks Ken...


  1. Can you ask your buddy Ken how we can subscribe to Roller? Gareth

  2. Issue 4...
    You just wait for issue 5.
    Sheeeit,you got some bikes.

  3. great issue, picked it up while there a couple weeks ago. You do have some shit!

  4. Same here I'd like to order the first 5 issues,but I don't know how to get US currency prices off amazon.HOW, HOW, HOW!!!


  5. One of my favorite mag, so nice!