Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get Better Steve!

I attended a great surprise party last night over in Jersey...
My friend Steve, who I've known for close to 30 years through the Colonial Chapter AMCA, was hit head on back on Sept 1st of this year. The doctors rebuilt him with titanium and spare parts. He spent a good deal of time in the hospital and is recovering. I know he's gonna see this and I hope he's not pissed that I posted it...

Steve, It was great to see you hobbling around and even though the first thing you said when you "walkered" into the bar was "You All Suck!", I wouldn't have missed it!
Get better buddy...

Oh and thank Ron for supplying the great food and picking up the bar tab for all of us! (I'll bet he's having buyer's remorse about now...)

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  1. Apparently it was a shitty year for those of us on 2 wheels....and September definitely sucked for me and your buddy Steve. Glad he is recovering man, and I hope the healing process is a smooth one for him.